jpoc five minute guides

Welcome to jpoc's five minute guides.

What's all this about? To answer that, I present jpoc's one minute guide to jpoc's five minute guides.

These are called five minute guides because I think that five minutes is about how long you should take to read each of them. I do not set out to explain everything that there is about some topic instead I set out to explain everything that I can explain in a web page that you can read in five minutes.

That may be all that you want to know about the subject. I suspect that, often that will be the case. If you do need to know more, I hope that my guides will provide a good basis for your further reading. Where I can, I'll give you a pointer to further reading material.

How do I choose what should be the subject of a five minute guide? I may be guided by what my friends ask me from time to time but usually it will just be a random idea to write something.

So, that's it and here are the guides!

History and Politics
Kosovo The history of a troubled region.
Unicode The new standard for computer text.
Life Sciences
DNA fingerprints Uses and abuses.
Home My Homepage.