All Hands On Deck by David Bird
Funny tales from a bridge cruise.
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Eight out of ten for this book which is worthy of Bird's reputation.

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My Review
Master Bridge humourist David Bird tackles an almost new scenario with this book. Almost new in that his earlier book "The Abbot and The Sensational Squeeze" included a short section in which the famous Bridge playing Abbot spent some time as the host on a bridge cruise.

In this book, we are introduced to a completely fresh cast of characters lead by the cruise host Mr Knight. He is usually known as Rupert Knight though the poor standard of proof reading common to Bird's recent works causes him to become Ralph on occasion. As with Bird's rather weak Robin Hood books, many of the hands are the work of Tim Bourke but happily in the case of this book, the bridge content is rather more interesting.

The bridge described alternates between ship board duplicate sessions and on shore rubber bridge with an unlikely cast of characters enountered by the cruise passengers. This allows reasonable variety and provides scope for the wit for which David Bird is highly regarded.

The real test has to be: how does this book compare to the "Abbot" books? Certainly this book is closer to the mark than the "Robin Hood" books and it will not disappoint his fans.

If you have not read any of Daid Bird's books before, I suggest that you try to get hold of some of the earlier books in the "Abbot" series. You really cannot go wrong with the ones that were co-authored with Terence Reese.