Robin Hood's Bridge Memoirs by David Bird
Not Recommended.
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Four out of ten for this book which falls short of the adventures of the Abbot.

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My Review
David Bird rightly received many plaudits for his fine series of books describing the Bridge playing antics of the fictional monks of St.Titus Abbey. His Robin Hood series appears to be an attempt to broaden the franchise and, as is often the case, he has brought in others to assist with this while still keeping the David Bird badge on the cover.

In this book, many of the hands were devised by Tim Bourke with the author adding his humour and general style.

This book follows the format of "The Bridge Adventures of Robin Hood" in that most of the hands described take place in a rubber bridge setting and they are of a different character to those of the Abbot series.

I have two reservations about this book. The first is the general tone and quality of the humour. The jokes continue in the same vein as in the first book of the series. An example is the setting in which a bridge playing whore named "French Laura" is referred to as having "gone down" more times than her Bridge partner. I'm afraid that all of this wears a little thin over the course of a book.

The second problem is the way that the settings are described. Of course, the legend of Robin Hood is far from being historical truth and the author must be given plenty of leeway but when he refers to real historical characters and events and misplaces them by 100 years it does work to break the suspension of disbelief necessary for full enjoyment of the book.

Fans of the author's other humour run the risk of disappointment with this book.

Because of those issues, I cannot really recommend this book it falls some way short of the standard of Bird's better known series and as bridge humour, it is below par.