David Bird and Ron Klinger: Kosher Bridge
David Bird teams up with Ron Klinger to turn Klinger's magazine articles into book form.
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Eight out of ten. A good read.

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My Review
David bird has now become a major brand name in the world of Bridge humour for his "Monks of St.Titus" books about the Bridge playing Abbot and his charges. The publishers want to capitalise on this brand by extending it in the same field. So, when it was decided that Ron Klinger's series of "Jewish humour" bridge magazine articles should be issued in book format, the publishers wanted to get the Bird brand on the cover.

David Bird set to work with Ron Klinger to expand the articles for book format and this is the result. If you are a fan of the Abbot, you will find this book very appealing. It is much better than Bird's "Robin Hood" and "Cruise Liner" books.

The hands are, presumably, the work of Ron Klinger and they are good indeed. They are substantially better than the ones in David Bird's "Robin Hood" books. Good as they are, they are not free from errors. For example, in one case, a player holding a singleton trump is described as leading a second round of trumps.

The humour is straight, down the line Jewish and indeed, you might almost expect to find Maureen Lipman turning up to play at the Synagogue pairs. It is funny and it adds enough levity to keep the readers interest even as some of the trickiest hands are described.

Once you have read all of the Abbot books, you will certainly want to read this.