Arno Puder & Kay Roemer: Mico is CORBA

MICO does the business.

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JPOC Rating

Six out of ten.

The only reason that I'm not awarding this higher marks to this book is that it has now been superseeded.

My Review

MICO is a complete implementation of CORBA which complies with the CORBA standard. It is freely available in source and binary formats and it has been ported to a number of environments. Because it is available in source format, you can readily port MICO to a new environment.

MICO does the business. You can use it for real applicatiions and not just as a toy. Even if you are committed to using a commercial package, I'd suggest getting hold of MICO as being the cheapest and easiest way of checking that your application and chosen ORB can interoperated with another CORBA ORB.

As is normally the case with open source software you can download it or purchase a distribution. This package is the first MICO distribution to be available. The book does contain a little more than the documentation that comes with the downloadable version and that does just about justify the purchase. However, you should be aware that this package has now been superseeded by a differently titled package from the same authors. If you do not have a copy of the distribution then you should get that version. If you have this already and are considering the second, remember that it is really just a new edition of this package and you most likely do not need it.

The software on the CD-ROM is of course an older version of MICO but it is still complete and as well as the source code, you get precompilied binaries for a number of popular platforms. Of course, to use MICO, you will need to have a C++ compiler but there is an advantage in having binaries. If you are completely new to CORBA, you can at least run the examples and know that any problems that you have are not the result of a bad build of MICO.