Arno Puder & Kay Roemer: Mico: an Open Source CORBA Implementation

MICO does the business.

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JPOC Rating

Nine out of ten.

Don't do CORBA without it.

My Review

MICO is a complete implementation of CORBA which complies with the CORBA standard. It is freely available in source and binary formats and it has been ported to a number of environments. Because it is available in source format, you can readily port MICO to a new environment.

MICO does the business. You can use it for real applicatiions and not just as a toy. Even if you are committed to using a commercial package, I'd suggest getting hold of MICO as being the cheapest and easiest way of checking that your application and chosen ORB can interoperate with another CORBA ORB.

This package is the latest physical distribution of the MICO package. I am always a little cynical about publishers who bring out a second edition of a book under a different title and that is the case here. The book is an expanded and updated edition of "MICO is CORBA" by the same authors.

But that should not be seen as a strong criticism. MICO is a great product and this book does contain significant information that is not in the online documentation. Of course, as is normally the case with this type of product, there are now newer versions of the software than on the enclosed CD-ROM but the code in this package works just fine. Serious users will expect to download the latest software from the official MICO web site as well.

The book assumes that you know C++ and it does contain a small intoroducton to CORBA. However, do not imagine that this is a tutorial to designing and developing CORBA systems. You will want a copy of something like "Advanced CORBA programming with C++" by Henning and Vinoski at your side as you develop your application.