jpoc's cars

My first three cars were all rear wheel drive Ford Escorts. The first was a 1968 1300GT who we called Barney. He was followed by a 1975 Mexico and then a 1979 1600 Sport. I bought them all second hand in 1978, 1981 and 1982. They are all three long since gone but the next car that I bought is still mine but it has never actually run since I bought it. It is a 1971 Lotus Europa and it is turning into a very very long term restoration project.

The Lotus marked the point at which I first owned two cars but the next purchase marked my first ownership of a new car. In 1986, I bought a Vauxhall Nova 1300GT. In Europe that car was known as an Opel Corsa.

The next major change in the line up was to become a three car person when, in 1988, I bought yet another Ford Escort. That was another new car, a front wheel drive RS Turbo which was fun but catastrophically unreliable. It was a good job that I had kept the Nova mostly as a car for my first wife who was then just learning to drive. I replaced the Ford one year later with a Toyota Celica which, although it has now become another restoration project having racked up a quarter of a million miles, is still with me.

In 1993, the Nova was on it's last legs and I replaced it with an example of the then newly introduced Mercedes C Class and then three years later, I added a second Lotus Europa to the collection. This made us a four car household and, despite being a year older than my other one, the new Europa actually ran and I drove it around in England and Germany. By this time my wife was beginning to call the Mercedes "my car" which was not something that ever happened with the Nova and she was pleased to take the keys when I divorced her.

That brought me back to being a three car man and I stayed that way until the summer of 2000 when I was planning to return to the UK. I bought an old Honda Accord from a friend and took it to Germany intending to drive it back on my triumphant return to England that summer. No sooner than I had brought it to Germany than the British government threw a spanner in the works. By not allowing my new wife to come to the UK with me, they lost any chance that I would become a UK tax payer again and so the Honda was surplus to requirements. There was a heady period in October 2000 when for a few days I actually owned five cars. I bought a German registered Toyota Celica. Just the same as the one in England but with only a little over 100,000 miles on the clock. I hope that it will do me for several years here in Germany. Shortly after that, I took the Honda back to the UK and now, it is gone and I am back to four cars. Two Lotus Europas and two Toyota Celicas.

So, there you have it. The short guide to the cars that I have owned.

The Cars
Barney My first car, a Mk1 Ford Escort 1300GT.
Micky the Mexico! My second car, another Mk1 Escort.
Spot the Sport! Another RWD Escort followed on after Micky.
C155PAV a Vauxhall Nova My first ever FWD car.
Toyota Celica Brakes Story of a garage that tried to rip me off.
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