FIAT Punto y2K model year a jpoc road test.

This is the second generation of FIAT's Punto small hatchback. Like the first, this car has snappy styling which will not look old before its time. Especially around the rear, the designers have done a good job indeed.

This was my ride for a return trip to Frankfurt airport to collect Maria and Andrei from their visit to Russia and so I was expecting them to have a fair amount of luggage.

Inside Smart but no bottle holder
Performance & Economy Let down by high gearing
Handling & Ride OK but some flaws
Conclusion, would I buy one?

Basically, this is a very fine car indeed let down only by a few points that seem to have crept through. The underdamped ride, poor radio, overly high gearing and driveline shunt would rule against this car though only just. It got very close indeed.

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