Driving in Denmark
The main thing to remember about driving in Denmark is that, like most Scandinavians, the Danes are incapable of distinguishing reliably between night and day. So, to make up for that, they all have to keep their headlights on all of the time. Of course, to be fair, they should allow the rest of us to exercise our superior judgement but they don't seem to see it that way so you should all light up too.

Of course, they have speed limits as well. Fifty in built up areas, eighty in the countryside and one hundred and ten on the motorway. Before you get excited, those are all in kilometres per hour and they work out to about thirty, fifty and sixty eight in old money.

If you are used to driving in the UK, you will find that the speed limits are more tightly enforced than you are accustomed to so don't be careless.

If you are just visiting for a few days, you will not be affected but you might like to know that, in Denmark, you must pay a purchase tax of 150% on the price of a car. It is worth keeping that in mind if you are offered a job in Denmark. You will not be allowed to keep a UK or German registered car there if you live and work in the country. They will expect you to pay the 150% tax and register your car there.

Technically speaking, if you do find a 12 month contract in Denmark, you are breaking the law if you have a UK registered car in your garage in England even if you only drive it in the UK on weekends home and never take it out of the country. I bet that nobody would dare to prosecute you for that one though.
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