Renting an Apartment in Germany
In the UK, it is deemed normal to strive to spend the maximum amount of money on buying a house. In Germany, as in much of continental Europe, renting is much more common. So, there is normally a large range of rental property on offer. Individual houses and tall blocks of flats are not so common as in the UK. Much more normal are three or four story buildings with up to a dozen apartments.

The tax rules are pretty favourable if you want to buy property to rent out. As a result, it is not rare to meet people who live in one apartment that they do not own and yet who also own an apartment that is rented out. Also, I have seen quite a few cases where a person has bought a small apartment building with the intention of living in one apartment and letting out the other two or three.

Now for the bad news. Germans move much less often than British people. Landlords may be reluctant to rent an apartment to a contractor or other ex-pat as they would rather hold on for a few months until they find somebody who they expect will stay in the apartment for ten years or more.

This may work in your favour though if you find an apartment that will only be available for a limited time. Of the places that I have rented in Germany: The first was free only while the main tennant was on a six months holiday in Australia. The next was free only until the owner's grand daughter turned 18 and the one after that was free only until the owner retired.

Of course, the price of an apartment will vary greatly for all of the normal reasons that apartment prices vary. However, it is fair to say that you will pay less in Germany than in the UK. Between six hundred and a thousand Marks a month will get you a place suitable for a single person in most of Germany. Of course, that will not get you anything in the centre of Munich but there, the public transport system is so good that it is no big deal to be a little ot of the town centre.

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