Bottled Water in Germany
As I have said elsewhere, German tap water is allegedly OK for drinking and many people do just that. However, bottled water is sold pretty well everywhere. While its consumption is not as universal as in France it is sold as a basic low priced staple and not as an effete luxury as it is in England.

While I say "bottled" it is also increasingly common for water in Germany to be sold in cardboard boxes similar to milk and fruit juice cartons. This is at least in part in order to avoid the mandatory deposit on bottles that cannot be reused.

Bottled water is described as either Mineral Wasser or Quelle Wasser. That's mineral and spring of course. The idea is that spring water is mostly water whereas mineral water contains enough chemicals leached from rocks to make it taste peculiar. Also, water will either be sold as "ohne Kohlensaure" or "mit Kohlensaure" that's nothing to do with likening a has been politician to a dinosaur but it is with (mit) or without (ohne) carbon dioxide.

Water is sold in glass or plastic bottles or in cardboard boxes. The latter are all recyclable and bottles go back for a deposit.

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