Driving in Germany

Driving in Germany is a lot like driving in the UK. Of course, the biggest differences are driving on the right and the much higher speeds encountered on German Autobahnen. However, there are a number of other surprising differences and a few odd rules and regulations about which it is good to know.

Red Tape
Driving Licences Driving licence rules
Registration Rules about vehicle registration
Your car Using a UK registered car in the EU
Driving Practicalities
Autobahn Fast driving survives
Parking Parking dos and don'ts in Germany
Courtesy Don't give the finger!
Turning Right at traffic lights A little local peculiarity!
Priorite a Droit Not just a French foible!
Other aspects of vehicle ownership in Germany
Winter Tyres Everyone else has them!
Washing your car Oh yes, a rule for everything!
Working on your car Oh yes, a rule for that too!
Sixt car rental Best choice for hire cars in Germany
Europcar As useful as a chocolate teapot.
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