Emergency Phone numbers in Germany

The emergency phone number scheme in Germany is a mess. There is no one number and two people living in the same house may end up having to dial different numbers for the same problem!

At least for the police it is simple. You dial 110 and that will get you to the police emergency operator. I have no idea of the chance that you will connect to an operator who can speak anything but German.

For fire, you must call 112 and that will get you through to the firefighters. The same comments about language apply but I fear that you will be less likely to find an English speaking operator.

It's bad enough that there are different numbers for the police and fire services but it's a lot worse in the case of a medical emergency. Basically, you have two choices and this will depend on your location and personal circumstances.

You can always ring the fire number on 112 and that will get you an ambulance but there is a catch. In some places, there are private ambulance schemes that are tied in to various insurance schemes. My advice would be always to use the 112 number but if you are going to settle in one place for a while, it's important to ask your local contacts what they advise in their area.

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