World of Music in Munich: My bad experience

In the middle of 1996, I was living in Konstanz but I was leaving Germany to spend a while living in Belgium. My itinerary called for me to pass through Munich the day before I left and I decided to swing by World of Music for a last CD splurge in Germany.

I took my haul of half a dozen CDs to the counter and handed over my money. Now at WOM each CD is pinned inside its case by a security tag which is removed at the counter. As the salesperson removed the tags, I spotted that one of the tags had damaged the spider that grips the centre of the CD. I pointed this out and I was told to go to the customer service desk where they would replace the tray inside the case.

I was happy to do this but then, as the tray was replaced, I noticed that the CD had been damaged by some of the broken plastic from the damaged spider. I pointed this out and the customer service person went to check if they had another copy of the CD.

They did not and they said that I must come back next week for another copy of the CD. I asked for my money back and I was told that they do not give refunds on any CDs. I pointed out that I had not even taken the CD out of the shop and I had not been able to check the CD for damage before paying for it as it was fixed in the case by the tag.

I asked if I could swap it for a different CD but I was told that this was also not acceptable. I complained and said that I was leaving Germany the next day and insisted that they give me my money back or let me take an alternative CD.

They refused and eventually, the manager was summoned. He held the same firm line. No refund, no exchange come back next week or lose my money.

We discussed this for some minutes until, in exasperation I pointed out that his shop was due to shut in 15 minutes. Without a refund, I would not leave the shop and, if he wanted me out he would have to fetch the police and he would have to explain to a policeman that he would not give me my money back.

That finally did it, I got my money back and left the shop.

Two years later, I was back working in Munich for 18 months. During that time, I spent many hundreds of Marks on CDs. None of that money was spent in World of Music.

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