The jpoc guide to turning right on a red street light in Germany.

My American readers will be aware that in their country sometimes, you are allowed to turn right at a red traffic light if there is no conflicting traffic.

A similar rule holds true in Germany. In the old East Germany, this was the case at every set of traffic lights. In the absence of crossing traffic, you were free to turn right even if stopped by a red light.

After the reunification, things were changed so that the same rule would hold true in all of the country.

The deal is this. Unless there is some special indication of the fact, you must now stop and you may only turn right if a green light is illuminated to show that you may turn.

The exception is that there may be a painted green arrow mounted by the lights in the same position as you would expect to see a filter right light. If you see such a sign, then you are allowed to turn right as long as there is no conflicting traffic.

These signs are not very common in the West of the country.

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