Using a British TV in Germany

There are a few things to consider if you hope to use a UK TV in Germany.

The most obvious problem concerns the actual broadcast signal. German TV signals use the same PAL standard to carry the colour video data as do their English counterparts but the sound encoding is very slightly different. To get technical for one moment, the sound is frequency modulated onto a carrier in both cases. But the carrier offset frequency is not the same. The UK standard is unique to the UK. The German standard is used in most of the rest of Western Europe, excluding France.

What this means is that a UK TV will display pictures but not sound in Germany. You can have a UK set modified but, unless you have a very expensive TV this is most likely not worthwhile. Of course, if you only use your TV with a satellite receiver that has a SCART connection then you will not be worried about this.

The next problem is with the frequencies on which the TV is transmitted. Modern UK TVs use UHF frequencies only but in Germany some channels are broadcast direct to air on VHF and many households have cable systems which use hyperband tuners.

The bottom line is that, without modificatons, a UK will not be of much use to you in Germany.

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