Women's refuges in Germany
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What does a woman do if she is the subject of domestic violence and needs to escape?

Just as in the UK, there are women's refuges and any woman in Germany is entitled to turn to one of these for help.

One of these will be called either a Frauenhaus or a Mutter und Kind Haus. (Women's House or Mother and Child House.)

You may find one of these listed in your local phone book and that would be a good place to start. If not, you should call the Socialamt. That is run by the town and there will be one responsible for the area where you live. They will put you in touch with the nearest women's refuge to you.

You may have a problem if your German is not that good. I'm sure that nobody will turn you away but you might not get anyone to understand you. In the Western parts of Germany, you will probably find somebody who speaks English in the Socialamt but this may be a problem in the East.

I tried phoning a couple of Frauenhausen up and they denied that they spoke any English at all. That may have been true but it may just be that a bloke will always get that answer from a certain type of woman. If any of my lady readers would care to call their local Frauenhaus and email me with the results, I'd be happy to report them here.

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