CV for John O'Connor

John O'Connor

Date of Birth:			1st November 1957


Computing Experience:		29 Years

Key Skill Areas:

Languages:			C 27 years
				C++ 4 years
				Java 5 years

Operating Systems:		Unix (SunOS, Solaris, Linux, Ultrix) 14 years
				VMS 9 years
				Windows 2000, XP, ME, NT, 95, 98 16 years
				QNX 1.5 years
				MS-DOS/Windows 3.x 6 years
				OS/2 3 years
				Javacard 8 years

Communications Standards:	TCP/IP, OSI, ASN.1, CMIP, CMIS,
				Pathworks, DECNET-SNA, Frame-Relay,
				Ethernet, ISDN, ATM, ADSL, PSTN,
				FDDI, X25.

Job Titles:			Software Engineer
				Analyst Programmer
				Project Leader

Availability:			Jan 2010

Preferred Location:		Europe or NZ

Current Assignment:

Gieseke & Devrient, Munich Germany Dec 2001-Present

Duties:		Analysis, design, development and debugging of
		software used in the production of Javacard based
		smart cards.
Technologies:	Java, C, Javacard, Real Time, Embedded, GSM, 3G,

Previous Contract experience:

ORGA, Paderborn Germany Nov 1999-Nov 2001

Duties:		Design, development and debugging of software used
		in the production of smart-cards for GSM and other
Technologies:	C, C++, Linux (Device Drivers, Kernel &
		Applications), CORBA, XML, Real Time, Embedded.

CCS, Munich Germany July 1998-Nov 1999

Duties:		Development of object oriented software in a network
		management application for telecoms mediation.
Technologies:	C++, CORBA, Unix, Windows NT.

AMC, Ulm Germany Jan 1998-July 1998

Duties:		Development and support of software tools for GSM
Technologies:	C, C++, Windows 95, Unix.

Alcatel Bell, Kontich Belgium Aug 1996-Dec 1997

Duties:		Specification, Design and Implementation of
		Communications Software for an Internet Access
		project. Writing device drivers, protocol stacks
		and routing modules.
Technologies:	C, QNX, Windows NT, Frame-Relay, ATM, device drivers,
		real time, TCP/IP, RIP, routing, bridging, Cisco,
		ISDN, PPP, Ethernet, Embedded.

AEC Postalautomation, Konstanz Germany Jan 1995-July 1996

Duties:		Specification, Design and Implementation of
		Communications Software for a distributed postal
		automation system.
Technologies:	C, Solaris, TCP/IP, UDP, Ethernet, FDDI, real time.

Digital Munich Germany July 1994-Dec 1995

Duties:		Implementation of a GSM network management system.
Technologies:	C++, CMISE, OSI, Decnet OSI, OSAK, Open VMS, Unix,
		X25, ASN.1.

BT Ipswich England Sept 1992-July 1994

Duties:		Design and Implementation of Network Management
Technologies:	C++, C, Solaris, SunOS, Unix, Oracle, OSI, CMIP, CMIS,
		ASN.1, FTAM, X400, SNMP, Frame-Relay, Ethernet, X25.

Thames Water Mar 1992-Sept 1992

Duties:		Specification, Design and Implementation of a Data
		Aquisition System.
Technologies:	VAX/VMS, Decnet Extensions, OSI, FTAM, X25, C, RDB,

BT Ipswich England March 1988 March 1992

Duties:		Specification, Design and Implementation of Software
		for Network Management.
Technologies:	VAX/VMS, C, Decnet, Decnet/SNA, OSI, CMIP, X25, ISDN,
		Ethernet TCP/IP, Unix, Oracle, Pathworks, FTAM.

Other Experience

Cambridge Beacon May 1987-Feb 1988

AIM Technology Oct 1984-May 1987

Instem Dec 1982-Oct 1984
Software Engineer

Remsdaq Feb 1982-Dec 1982
Software Engineer

Sension July 1980-Jan 1982
Hardware Designer.


University:		Pembroke College, Cambridge
			MA Computer Science
School:			Wolstanton Grammar
			S levels: 2
			A levels: 4
			O levels: 10

Other Information:

Passport:		UK & New Zealand
Driving Licence		UK
Languages		English mother tongue
			Conversational French and German