Rufus Remembers, by Rufus Heald. A jpoc book review

A wonderful book about a life spent flying in the military as a member of the Royal Air Force and in many roles in civilian aviation including as a flight instructor!

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JPOC Rating

This book gets ten out of ten easily. It is my favourite aviation book and I feel that we are all lucky that Rufus has written this down for us.

My Review

It is hard to know how to describe this book. Rufus Heald has had a long career in aviation from the RAF through to civilian flying. In that time he has been involved in many adventures, incidents and escapades.

When I read this book, I could imagine that I was sitting in a pub near to a flying club just listening to a fascinating old flyer recounting some of the tales from his life.

Parts of the book left me in tears of laughter, others had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end. Through it all, I was captivated.

If you fly or are intererested in aviation, this book is for you. Also, it would be a great gift for anyone who meets that description.