Leeuwis Martin & Tod van Andal: Say how do you read. A jpoc book review

These two authors have collaborated on a long standing series of aviation cartoons. As is often the case with such series, it becomes harder, as time goes on to find good material.

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JPOC Rating

Six out of ten.

It is probably worth buying one book in this series but that is about all.

My Review

This is the fourth in a series of books of aviation cartoons by the two authors. As well as the cartoons the book contains a series of short pieces about some aspects of flying. I'm afraid that, while the cartoons are often quite funny, the text seemed a little pointless. It was not funny and it didn't make the cartoons more interesting. Nor would it have any new information about flying for any but the very unaware.

What about the cartoons themselves? Well, a few were very funny indeed but too many raised no more than a small smile and there were several that just seemed to be included to pad out the total.

There is not that much substance to this book either. Heavy paper makes it seem bigger than it is and you could easily read it in a bookshop!