Scott Adams: Dilbert Gives you the Business

So true to life it hurts!

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My rating

Eight out of ten. A great best of.

My Review

This book is a compilation of material from earlier Dilbert cartoons rearranged by topic. The cartoons show Dilbert and his weird collection of co-workers in a range of different situations.

It will not be of interest to Dilbert fans who already have the books from which these cartoons are taken. However, seen as a "Best Of" book, it is worthwhile. The actual selection of material is very good and it certainly shows the humour of Dilbert at its best.

If you do already have all of the books in the Dilbert series, I'd suggest buying this one as a gift for a friend who is not familiar with Scott Adams work. It makes a great introduction, showing what Dilbert is all about.

If you are not familiar with Dilbert and want to find out what it is all about, then this book is a good place to start. Just accept that, if you get hooked and buy the other books, you will then have a copy of this book that you do not really need. If that happens, no problem, gift wrap it and send it as a present to a friend.

My only real gripe about the book is that its nature is not made clear on the cover. Not making clear that this is a "best of" collection seems to suggest that the author, or his publishers, view the readership as little smarter than some of the characters in the books.