Science Fiction
Most of the books that I read, and nearly all of the fiction books, are science fiction.

I prefer shorter fiction but my tastes also run to things like Peter Hamilton's mammoth "Night's Dawn" trilogy.

My short story cross reference continues apace and most of the collections and anthologies here are now included.

I really enjoyed "Nanotech" which you can read about in the Gardner Dozois anthology section. That led me to read "Timegates", "Clones" and several others in the same series.

Anyway, here are my reviews:

Science Fiction reviews by author
Douglas Adams Mr Hitch-Hiker
Stephen Baxter British Author of the Xeelee sequence etc
Eric Brown Another British SF writer
Harlan Ellison Greatest SF short story author ever?
William Gibson Master of cyber-punk.
Peter Hamilton British Author of the "Night's Dawn" trilogy
K.W.Jeter Most famous for his series of Blade Runner sequels
Richard Maynard Another British SF author
Jerry Pournelle Tells a great tale.
Eric Frank Russell Great story teller
Robert Sheckley Very witty writer
Bruce Sterling Guru of cyberpunk
Roger Zelazny Master storyteller
Isaac Asimov The Grandfather of modern SF
Gregory Benford Hugo award winners anthology
John Clute Another Interzone Editor
Groff Conklin Golden years anthologist
Ellen Datlow Famous SF editor and anthologist
Gardner Dozois Master Anthologist
Jack Dann Many themed collaborations with Gardner Dozois
David Garnett Quirky British anthologist
David Hartwell Editor of "the other" year's best anthology.
Simon Ounsley Another Interzone Editor
David Pringle Interzone Editor
Short Story cross reference
Master Short Story Cross Reference Index to all of my short story reviews
Stephen Baxter British hard SF.
Eric Brown British SF.
Harlan Ellison My favourite SF short story author
William Gibson Master of cyber-punk.
Peter Hamilton British Author of the "Night's Dawn" trilogy.
K.W.Jeter SF in the mold of P.K.Dick.
David Marusek We need more fiction from this author!
Eric Frank Russell Great story teller
Bruce Sterling Short SF from the guru of cyberpunk
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