VW Lupo y2K model year a jpoc road test.

This was my ride down to the German GP at Hockenheim. Just one up with no bags for a four hour blast mostly on the autobahn but with some country roads.

The Lupo is VW's shot at the bottom end of the market. It has enough space for four adults at a squeeze but very limited boot space. Two adults going away for a long weekend would have to use the rear seat space for baggage.

Inside Low rent
Performance & Economy High fuel consumption
Handling & Ride Pretty Fine
Conclusion, would I buy one?

The answer has to be no I am afraid. A small car like this lives or dies on its economy. There are bigger cars around that use much less fuel. If I drove my Celica at the same speed as this car will go, I'd get similar consumption. (I tried it once just to see.) The thirty year old jpoc Lotus Europa will go a lot faster and use significantly less fuel.

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