Will you encounter racism in Germany?

If you are a white person from the UK, the answer is that if you do, it is unlikely to be serious. Some friends wandered into the wrong bar in a small town in Bavaria. They were treated to a display by a bunch of sad old blokes who, it turned out were some sort of SS reunion club!

A couple of guys from the former East Germany, whom I met at work, were not so happy about the presence of Brits in their country but that was more a case of anti-contractor feeling than anything else and is certainly not typical of people from that part of Germany.

If you are not white then perhaps it is different and really I cannot give that much information. What I can say is that, as I white male, my perception is that other races face less discrimination and hostility in Germany than in the UK and many other European countries.

There is more ill feeling directed towards the Turkish and Eastern European community. For example, I did pick up some abuse for my marriage to a Russian. However, my perception is that the Asian community in the UK suffers much more.

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