Have fun with candles!

Stop smirking at the back, I know your type. We have all seen those lah di dah rip off candle kits that are advertised in the little glossy magazines shipped out by the Royal Society for the Welfare of Earwigs and the like. They're expensive and no real fun what with their girly scented pre formed granuals etc. Also, it's a real fiddle getting the wicks in place in the candles. So, here's a much better idea. When you have finished burning one of those big sculpture like candles, there is always a whole mess of wax left over at the bottom after the wick has gone. But of course, you cannot make a candle out of that as there is no wick and the only way to get a wick involves those kits derided above right? Wrong. Here's what you do:

You will need a glass of some sort to hold the candle. You could go to the shops and buy one of those candles in a glass and burn that first. This has the advantage that you can have grounds to hope that this glass will at least not fall to bits under the thermal stress of housing a candle. While you are there, buy one of those little packets of birthday cake candles. Right you have done the hard part already!

Stick the glass in a pan of warm water and put it on a very low flame on the cooker. Chop up the remains of that great big candle that you burned out and drop them in the glass. After a while, the wax melts so you take the glass out of the water and place it on a table. Wait for a few minutes until the wax has begun to cool and has just started to set. Now, push a birthday candle into the wax so that it stands upright and roughly centred in the glass. Allow the whole thing to cool and, well done, you have a candle!

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