A bargain basement art gallery!

In my apartment, I have large numbers of framed art prints on the walls. I have dozens more in the cellar on the shelves so that I can swap them over from time to time as I desire. They cost about four marks each which is a pretty good deal. So how do I get them?

It's easy, every spring, the bookshops are all desperate to offload the last of the years calendars. You know the kind of thing, twelve prints by Dali, Kandinski or Chagal bound together in a spiral with a hook for hanging on the wall. Generally, the quality of the prints is as good as you will get in art shops for a much higher price. You can pick up one of these calendars for ten to twenty marks in the springtime. Then, it's off the to photo shop for a few frames of the appropriate size and you are up and running!

Choose frames with a white backing paper as you are unlikely to find an exact match for size. Use a modelling knife, scalpel or guillotine to trim the calendars and any other printing away from the pictures, pop them in the frame and put them up on the walls. It's easy and a lot of fun.

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