Onions without tears!

Yes, it is quite possible to peel, chop or even grate onions without crying! After literally minutes of research carried out by a team of as many as one person, I have solved the problem. Nirvana, ecstacy and enlightenment are now mine. Well, alright, a pair of dry pain free eyes are mine but that is a start on the way to all that other stuff.

OK, cut to the chase, how do you do it? It's simple you just need a pair of those neat little goggles that you can get for swimming and a can of beer. Don the goggles, crack open the beer and start slicing. Warning, you will look like a dork! As well as wearing the goggles, it is essential to breath through your mouth and not through your nose. That's why you have the beer. You will need to take occasional swigs to prevent your mouth from drying out.

So go right ahead, enjoy peeling onions at last!

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