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No, this is not turning into a DIY web site or a clone of Mrs Beetons!

However, I did think that I'd post a few of my personal ideas and hints that might be of interest to you!

Top Tip: A Cure for Hayfever!
This sounds weird but it really works! I first discovered that spicy food can fight off the symptoms of hayfever when I was playing Bridge at the Bedford congress one year in the late eighties. I was really suffering a lot. I could hardly see my cards and I was constantly sneezing and getting through tissues at an alarming rate.

In the interval, I went, with my Bridge partner Robert Barr, to an Indian restaurant in the centre of Bedford. I ordered a chicken chilli which was described as very hot.

Gosh, it was hot. Even with one pint of beer and another of water and one of fruit juice, I could only just manage to eat it. But, as we walked back to the bridge venue, I suddenly realised that my hayfever had gone.

Note, it had not been eased a little it had, quite simply vanished altogether. I was completely fine! :-)

Since then, I have noted that, anything with a lot of chilli extract in will work to reduce or eliminate the symptoms.

You cannot always eat a full meal so here are my suggestions for snacks and suchlike to get you through a hay-fever day.

Finneas Fogg extra-hot tortillas.

Buy some of the light crispbread wafers that have lots of air gaps in them and sprinkle some tabasco sauce on the top.

Fill your cheese sandwiches with tabasco sauce or sliced chiilies.

Rmember, not only do these work, they do not have side effects like drowsiness which can make some of the more normal medical treatments problematical.

Only one normal hayfever medicine is permitted for pilots by the British CAA but, as far as I know, they have no plans to ban spicy food!

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