May the first 2000: Two short weeks the jpoc journal

This has been a short week at work. I have enjoyed back to back long weekends! Of course, last weekend was the Western Easter and so, in Germany we had Friday and Monday off from work. This weekend is the May bank holiday but also, we are moving office at work. On Thursday, we left with everything packed and on Friday we were told not to come in as everything would be in the process of being moved.

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings were very busy. We received a delivery of flat pack furniture from the local branch of Roller. (That's a lot like Ikea except that it is cheaper and more convenient than the nearest Ikea.)

The main item delivered was a bed for Andrei and so I had to stop being Mr Computer that evening and be Mr Screwdriver! It was all finished at about midnight so Andrei was able to sleep in his new bed. It's what the locals call a Hochbett or High-bed and underneath there is a wardrobe and a desk.

On Wednesday, I was busy again assembling the two bookcases. One for Maria and one for me. I now have five tall bookcases in my study and they are all full!

On Friday, we had that rare combination of a day when I was not at work but the shops were open and, as I had just been paid, guess where we went! The main task was to buy a set of school clothes for Andrei who will start his first day at school next week. Also, I had to get a mouse for one of the computers and some food and wine for the weekend.

The local computer shop finally gave up on trying to supply me with a working VGA card so I got my money back (one hundred marks) and spent some of it on a second hand portable CD player. The latter was almost new (the sign on the back said that it was made ten months ago) and at thirty nine marks was a bargain.

After a weeks good weather, we finally received some rain on Sunday but that didn't stop us from going to the funfare. It did stop me going on the big wheel as I didn't fancy it in the rain so we returned the next day for views of the town from 120 feet up.

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