May the 16th 2000: 2300kms in a weekend! the jpoc journal

Well, it's been an interesting two weeks! Especially for Andrei who has just started at school. We have been taking it in turns to deliver him to the big green school bus in the mornings. Each day, we have watched the ducklings on the pond get bigger and bigger. There is also a moorhen on the lake here sitting industriously on a nest full of eggs. I also hear a cuckoo every now and then so I hope that all of the chicks in the moorhen nest can swim OK!

I've been making good use of the portable CD player and I've posted several reviews in the music section in the last week or so. They are also up on Amazon too. The Internet Movie Database has deigned to list my review of Speaking Directly as an external review so I will in future send them links of all of my movie reviews.

I still have more broken computers than working ones. Having resolved the issue of the dead video card (see my last Journal) I had a go at getting the big Pentium tower up and running again. My CD-ROM changer which I bought second hand form the cix auction conference has finally arrived and also, I bought a CD-RW drive from the second hand shop that supplied the CD player. The drive is actually new and was sold at a very keen price. So far, I have failed to get the tower system going as there seems to be a problem in the SCSI sub-system.

I also bought a couple of old system units in an auction at work. I was pleased with what I got but I have not yet had a chance to see if they go. I want to get linux up on one of them. I have a copy of the Mandrake release from Macmillan which comes with seven of the que and sams books on the distribution. Look out for the review of that soon. Also, I just got a copy of BeOS on a free CD-ROM from the front page of PC-Plus magazine. I may try that just for a laugh.

I was away at the weekend which is why nothing appeared on the web site on Saturday or Sunday. I returned with a load of wine, cheese and other goodies having put almost two and a half thousand km on a rented Ford Focus. I'll be posting a road test of the car in a week or so.

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