June the thirteenth 2000: Pfingsten the jpoc journal

Well, it was another long weekend. This time for Pfingsten. The long weekend coincided with rass2000 which was the Rhine Army Summer Show. As it was close by and Joe Cocker was playing, we decided to go. So, of course, we checked out the web site for info and I have to say that it was one of the more useless sites that I have tried recently. I couldn't find out when J.C. would be on stage or even the actual location of the venue. So, in the end, we gave it a miss.

Instead, we went for a number of walks around and about and got attacked by mosquitoes in the woods for our trouble. We saw baby ducks of assorted sizes but the two moorhen nests were occupied by sitting birds and eggs.

As well, we took a trip to the Paderborn city history mueseum. It's not very big but it was interesting to look around. The review will be up on the site later in June.

Before the weekend, I was taken out for a meal by my agent. Agents are convinced that, if they take contractors out for a meal once every six months, they will have a happy quiet crew who are only too willing to renew their contracts. We had a reasonable evening though and I got the opportunity to write another restaurant review.

I like that stats info that I'm getting from the superstats people. It is very useful to see what pages are popular and I'm happy to see that most parts of the site are picking up regular visits.

The big news with all of the computers was that I have managed to get Maria's PC to work on the network! That involved wiring everything up, detecting the duff cable, configuring networking on her PC and downloading the latest device drivers for the PCMCIA networking card. Well, now it all goes just fine and shen can email directly from her machine.

In the course of doing that, I also installed W95 on the Pentium that is also running Mandrake. That machine is on the LAN and busily serving its CD-ROM to all and sundry. The next task will be to put the scanner card in there and gosh, perhaps I'll be able to add some images for all of the wine reviews!

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