July the second 2000: my bad tooth the jpoc journal

The main news this week is that we moved office. Well, as I write this, we left the old office and we are awaiting our arrival at the new one!

The new building is about one km away from the old one but the route there is along main roads so there will be no more cycling down the riverside and round the lake.

We spent the latter half of the week packing and preparing for the move and then the old office shut on Thursday lunchtime so that the removal men could do their stuff and all will be fine on Monday. (Or so the theory says.)

The other main event of the week was jpoc having a bad tooth. Oh it hurt. Still does a bit. Since Tuesday, I've been fighting the pain with a mixture of stubborness, paracetamol and red wine and the pain is now beginning to abate.

We had yet another long weekend because of the move but I was not well enough to enjoy it because of my tooth.

I tried to change the gears on my bike but I hit a problem. When I was in Konstanz, I removed the close ratio rear gear cluster and replaced it with a wider spaced one so that I would have some gears suitable for grinding up the hills on the way home from the office. Paderborn is flat and I'd like to revert to my old Cambridge ratios but the new block needs a different tool to remove it. I found one in a shop that looked right but, when I got it home, I discovered that it was a couple of mm too big. I'll try to buy the right tool when I am back in England later this month.

As for the web site, well the pace of new additions slowed a little because of my bad tooth. and a problem on the computers. I did put up a fair amount of new stuff (over a page a day) but not as much as I'd have liked.

One thing that I started to do was to add some meta tag information to the pages on the site. I don't know how much good it will do but all of the site promotion guides say that you have to have good meta tags to get ranked in the big search engines. Time will tell I guess.

The computer problem is that the mail server is hanging when I try to download messages for my account to the PC that I now use for email. I'm not sure why but so far, all that I can do is power down the server when it hangs. The server is a little IBM thinkpad with a broken LCD. It's hooked up to a cheap VGA monitor and onto the LAN.

It is taking me up to 2 hours a night just to get my email off it at the moment which is a real pain but so far, I have not yet found the root of the problem.

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