July the seventeenth 2000: jpoc visits England the jpoc journal

The main thing to report is that I am just back from a short weekend in England. I'd not been there for three months and so I was very busy trying to get everything sorted out and complete all of the tasks on my job list.

I flew into Stansted via Schiphol and my first task was as usual to hit the newsagents there. As I had to wait some time for my lift up to Cambridge, I also too the opportunity to make a quick trip to the bookshop where I bought a couple of SF books to keep me going.

That was about my only chance to go shopping all weekend. I made one quick trip to Tescos for some soap, toothpaste etc but the was all. It was great to spend time with the boys but, as I had so much to do, I missed watching the GP with them. Also, my return on Moday was really fraught. I was flying back from Heathrow and, I had not realised that the KLM flights go from terminal 4. It takes the bus an extra 20 minnutes to get there an I was cutting things fine already. Plus the bus was late. So I had no chance to go to the shops in the terminal That was a shame because one thing that I do like is to bring back a few videos or CDs. Oh well, there will be another chance.

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