July the twentyfourth 2000: jpoc waves goodbye at the airport the jpoc journal

The worst thing that happened this week was that I had to say goodbye to Maria at Frankfurt Airport. She has gone for a two week trip back to St.Petersburg. One compensation came from being at Frankfurt Airport. I went to the aviation bookshop and bought a bunch of books. one book of cartoons, a book about the Vulcan and one of the Macarthur Job books about aviation accidents. I finished the first of those over the weekend. Look out for reviews soon.

Apart from that, there is little to report. I spent the weekend writing up stuff for the website, reading and having a bit of a clear out in my study. I went out for lunch on Saturday to the other Thai restaurant in Paderborn. It was jolly good. Better than the first one that I went to a few weeks ago. I wandered off to the cinema to see if there was anything decent on but the only film in English was Scream 3. I saw the first film in that series in Brussels at the big Kinepolis and that was quite enough thank you.

I tried to have a go with a website authoring package. I bought a magazine in the YMCA because it had a copy of HoTMetaL Pro on the cover disk. Sadly, I discovered that it is not really suited to a site that already exists. It decided that it didn't like my webring code or my superstats code and tried to change them. The problem with that is that, if I do not use the code as provided by the sites their autodetect software senses that you are not using their code and they disable your facilities. So. it's back to trusty old windows write for the pages again.

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