The Year 2000 Millenium jpoc diary

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Autumn and Winter 2000
September the eleventh. A long coach ride
September the eighteenth. Wardrobes
September the twentyfifth. Birthday but no circus
October the second. A birthday and a trip to France
October the ninth. Coat, CD and socks
October the sixteenth. jpoc buys a car!
October the twentythird. Goodbye to the old Honda
October the thirtieth. We found a new place to live!
November the sixth. The car is here.
November the thirteenth. Looging for a kitchen.
November the twentieth 2000. The furniture hunt.
November the twentyseventh 2000. We all had flu.
December the fourth 2000. We bought a kitchen.
December the eleventh 2000. Moving the kitchen.
December the eighteenth 2000. The day the toilet exploded.
December the twentyfifth 2000. Christmas.
Spring and Summer 2000
May the first! Two long weekends!
May the sixteenth! 2300kms in one weekend!
May the twenty third! Pied Pipers!
June the seventh. Busy times with guests!
June the thirteenth. Pfingsten
June the twentieth. Dead video, dead computer
June the twentyseventh. New video and TV
July the second. In which jpoc has a bad tooth
July the ninth. New office!
July the seventeenth. Off to England
July the twenty fourth. Maria goes to St.P.
July the thirtyfirst. jpoc goes to the races!
August the seventh. two weddings, no funerals.
August the fourteenth. fly to England, drive back.
August the twentyfirst. Bad news.
August the twenty-eighth. Carpets and restaurants.
September the fourth. Back to school.
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