The Big Friendly Giant

Fabulously Inventive.

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My Rating

Six out of ten.

Andrei is currently trying to wear out not just the tape but the VCR by playing this again and again!

My review

This is an animated version of the children's story "The Big Friendly Giant" by Roald Dahl. While ostensibly a childrens story, it contains much that will keep mothers and fathers watching as well.

As befits a children's story, the plot is simple and direct. A small girl, Sophie, is kidnapped by a friendly giant when she catches him at his work delivering dreams. She discovers many things about giants and their world including the fact that there are also some very bad giants who want to eat people.

Eventually, Sophie and the Big Friendly Giant enlist the help of the Queen of England and they set out to catch the bad giants.

Children as young as four years old will enjoy this film. They may be little afraid but it's not so bad as to give them nightmares. The film will also appeal to older children too as the story, while simple in it's barest form, contains enough detail and wit to maintain interest.

Also, children will find a lot to talk about in the film and, if parents buy the original novel, they have something to read to, or with their child.