Interview With the Vampire: Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Christian Slater, Antonio Banderas; Neil Jordan (director) a jpoc movie review

A vampire film with a difference.

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Six out of ten.

It's not a bad film but with the cast and resources available, it could have been much better.

My review

This film, based on a novel and screenplay by Anne Rice is rather different from most vampire movies. This is a film told from the point of view of the vampire rather than from that of his victims or those who set out to destroy him.

It is not a traditional horror film and, unlike the majority of vampire films, it is not really frightening. This is mostly because we never actually get to relate to any of the victims of the vampires. They are all just unknown, anonymous people playing convenient walk on parts.

Instead, the film focuses on the life of a vampire. What is it like to be immortal? How to reconcile former human feelings with the constant need to kill in order to achieve immortality? What does it mean to select another person to be initiated as a vampire? These are the major preoccupations for the vampires in the film.

The film concentrates on Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt) and follows him from his vampire beginnings in New Orleans to modern San Francisco. Unlike most vampire films, he is depicted as a person with feelings of his own as are his creator Lestat (Tom Cruise), their joint creation the child vampire Claudia and Armand, the oldest vampire (Antonio Banderas).

The story is told through the means of an interview with a young journalist played by Christian Slater.

The phrase "star studded" hardly begins to describe the cast list for this film and the whole movie has a feel of a large budget which has been well spent. The only thing lacking seemed to be that, while the film had a lot of action, it had little real atmosphere of the sort found in, for example, "Nosferatu the Vampyre" by Werner Herzog.

The film is fast paced with action all the way but there is little in the way of plot or mystery. You know pretty well all the time what is likely to happen next. That only detracts a little from what is one of the best vampire films around. If you like this film, I'd recommend the Herzog film mentioned above.