Man: The 1999 Party Tour

This album was recorded Live in Chicago April 1974 for a Radio broadcast while Man were touring as support to Hawkwind. You get an hour's worth of top quality down the line live rock and roll here. I'd recommend "Be good to yourself at least once a day" as a better introduciton to the band but if you like that album, you will not be disappointed with this.

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Nine out of ten.

Not their best but better than most bands ever manage.

My review

The first track, "71 71 551" and also "It's a hard way to live" were not originally Man numbers. They were written by Deke Leonard during one of his spells away from the band. (He had been sacked, an event which was fast becoming a hobby of the band.) Deke's hard edged vocals are great on these songs.

Romain is named after a partiularly brutal Belgian policeman who administered a very severe beating to band member Martin Ace (not playing on this album). Romain was awarded compensation for stress against the band but instead of paying, they wrote a song about him. It's a great song and you can really feel the band putting their hearts into this.

Man performances have a tradition of using the song C'mon as a platform for an extended improvisation session and this one is no different. However, the version here is nowhere near as good as some of the others that are available. Parts, especially the closing section are great but there is a long period of rather aimless wandering about in the middle which does not appeal at all.

Spunk Rock which rounds off the set is another established part of Man's live repertoire. From the way that Jones and Leonard trade guitar lines here you'd never guess that the former had sacked the latter and only just brought him back into the band.