Man: Greasy Truckers Party

Recorded live in early 1972, the Greasy Truckers Party was to be the first of a series of special events for the Greasy Truckers cause. Whatever that was.

Well, first the disapppointing news:

This CD only has the contribution by Man from the original double vinyl release. That was less than one and a half sides on an LP and so you only get about half an hour of music here.

Contractual glitches meant that it was not possible to put out a CD that included the songs from Brinsley Schwarz and Hawkwind.

Now the good news:

Contractual glitches meant that it was not possible to include the contribution from Magic Michael. :-)

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My Rating

Nine out of ten.

An album that shows why live music is the best.

My review

This CD contains the live set by Man that was recorded for the original Greasy Truckers Party album. The original vinyl double album also featured Brinsley Scharz, Magic Michael and Hawkwind. Those contributions do not appear here. This is a disappointment but Man fans will be grateful to be able to have these two songs on CD.

The CD starts off with "Spunk Rock", an extended improvisation which has become a standard in Man's live sets. Sadly, the recording misses the first few minutes of the song. Nobody knows exactly how much was lost but guitarist Deke Leonard has estimated that it was about ten minutes. The version here is great, not as polished as some of the later recordings of the song perhaps. I really like the closing minutes of this song. Bassist Martin Ace really shines here.

The second song, Angel Easy is a wonderful exposition of the bands style. The twin guitar lines of Jones and Leonard work togehter in ways that are unique to the band. Again, Martin Ace was on great form with a frantic bass line driving the whole song along.

DJ Andy Dunkley brings things to a halt with a few words and thats it. Just half an hour but it is great live rock and roll.