Man: Live at the Padget Rooms Penarth

This was a live album, recorded on the 8th of April 1972. It was originally sold at a bargain price in a limited edition.

Unavailable as a legitimate release for many years, it has now be reissued on CD and it's about time too.

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My Rating

Seven out of ten.

The description: For fans is true, not of general appeal.

My review

The quickest way to describe this CD is as follows:

Forty minutes
Three tracks
Two lead guitarists
Live Performance
Early Seventies

Cynics will say that this tells them exactly what the music is like without even taking the CD out of the jewel case.

That may be true and it must be said that this CD is some way short of being Man's finest and it would not be a very good introduction to their work. "Maximum Darkness" and "The 1999 Party Tour" are both better live albums from Man.

The first two tracks are live performances of songs that had already appeared on studio albums. They are by far the stronger half of this CD. The first, "Many are called but few get up" could be described as classic Man music. The second, "Daughter of the Fireplace" is a Deke Leonard composition and it is much more like the music that he recorded on his solo albums. That said, both are great tracks and will be appreciated by a wide range of rock fans.

The third track, the last half of the CD, is a jam session and it is not of such appeal. Man fans who know and like the style will also spot links between the guitar playing here and on other Man songs but after a while this track does drag a little.