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My Rating

Ten out of ten.

I cannot think how this album could be improved so it gets top marks.

My review

Recorded while he was, albeit fleetingly, a member of Yes, this album is a fusion of mid-seventies euro progressive rock and South American percussion music.

The result of this melding of styles and Moraz's edgy compositional style is a wonderfully refreshing work that sounded like nothing that came before it.

While the style varies from piano backed ballads to South American rhythmed rock, the whole album hangs together as a single work and the music is always on the move and holding the listener's attention.

My personal favourites are "Best Years of Our Lives" and "Dancing Now" but, there is nothing on here that I do not like very much.

If you liked the album "Relayer" from Moraz's time with Yes, then I am sure that you will like this CD.