Quicksilver Messenger Service: Happy Trails

Lots of long bluesy guitar solos.

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Five out of ten.

Because, while some parts are very good, there is too much weak material cluttering up the good bits.

My review

The first half of this album is made up of a set of variations on the Bo Diddley rock standard "Who Do You Love." Each band member has writing credits for one of the four variations here.

The first, third and fourth of these variations, respectively When, How and Which "Do You Love" are really good. The guitar solos really do expand on the original. The remaining variation, "Where Do You Love" is not up to the same standard. Of course, in the sixties, a Blues, Rock Guitar Band could indulge in prodigious quantities of illegal substances, get up on stage and get away with things like "Where DYL". If they were lucky, the audience would be in a similar state and everyone would be happy. Today, it's all a little embarrassing.

The second section of the album kicks off with Mona, another Diddley number that has been recorded by many bands. The version here is distinguished by the guitar work and the spaced out feel.

After, follow two songs, "Maiden of the Cancer Moon" and "Calvary" written by band member Gary Duncan and quite frankly they are the weakest part of the album. The latter in particular seems to wander all over the place without getting anywhere or saying anything much of musical interest.

The album rounds off with a rendition of Happy Trails, the theme song of Roy Rogers which was written by his wife Dale Evans. I suppose that it's there for a laugh.