Pink Floyd: the jpoc reviews

Few bands arouse such passion from their fans as the Floyd but the members of the band almost seem to crave anonymity. One often hears tales of fans who encounter band members and fail to realise who they have just met until afterwards.

Pink Floyd are one of the great survivors of the rock business. Even when they were new boys, they quickly became a part of the big time established stars. After much avant garde experimentation, their sound finally gelled in the early seventies and they have, largely, stuck to that winning formula ever since.

Since the split in the band, there has been much debate about the validity of the post Waters Floyd.

At their height, they were a fusion of Gilmour's sound architecture and Waters writing. Today, Pink Floyd sound like Pink Floyd as you would expect but their new material does not have the same bite in the message as the Waters era music. Waters does not have the Gilmour sound but, two of my friends, on hearing "Amused to Death" and "Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking" commented respectively: "It's Pink Floyd but that's not Gilmour on guitar" and "John, is this Pink Floyd".

Personally, I think that the debate matters a lot less than enjoying the music.

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