The year 2000 jpoc opinion articles.

Here are my opinion pieces that were written in 2000.

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Early 2000
Mobile Auction! The UK's spectrum sale!
The Microsoft Split US govt proposes split of Microsoft
The Tony Martin affair Can it be right to shoot a burglar?
The Rover affair What a mess!
What BMW wanted What did BMW want in the first place?
Land Rover Why did BMW decide to sell Land Rover?
The Microsoft Split Continued What might the OS company get up to?
Euan Blair I've not laughed so much since Mark Thatcher got lost in the dessert.
Diamonds Is an engagement ring worth a little girl's arm?
Overtaking in F1 The F1 establishment do not want overtaking.
Pieces from late 2000
Overtaking in F1 The F1 establishment do not want overtaking.
Detentions in Montenegro UK government reaction to the detention of four westerners in Montenegro
Children at risk from sexual abuse What are the real risks to our children?
Driving sex offenders underground Is there a danger that we will send paedophiles into hiding?
Drugs in Sport Clampdown or liberalise?
The Millennium Dome Doomed from day one?
The Pensions Timebomb It's worse than you think
Taking your PC in for repair. Gary Glitter etc.
The EU car sales block exemption. We are still being ripped off.
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