Baked Salmon in White Wine

This is an easy recipe but one that impresses people! Do this and they will think that you can cook very well indeed!

You will need:

A salmon. Use a whole fish, frozen or fresh is OK but see my note.

One medium sized onion per person.

Some white wine.


Herbs du Provence.



A beer.

And, this is what you do!

Open the beer.

Put the oven on the Gas mark 5 or 190C

Clean the fish and place it in a deep baking tray.

Put on your swimming goggles and grate the onions.

Stuff the grated onions inside the fish's gut cavity.

Sprinkle the herbs on top of the fish.

Place the mushrooms on the tray next to the fish.

Pour in the wine. You need a depth of about 1cm in the tray.

Cover the whole tray in aluminium foil.

Put into the oven for 30 minutes.

Finish the beer and put away the goggles.

To Serve

Garnish with parsley and a slice of lemon and serve with boiled potatoes, broccoli, peas, chopped lettuce or anything else that is not too strongly tasting.

Best enjoyed with a dry white wine.

Fresh or Frozen fish?

Frankly, I prefer frozen, wild caught Pacific fish. The reason is that fresh salmon in Europe is likely to be farmed fish. Now, if you realise that farmed fish spend their lives swimming in crowded sea cages drenched in each others waste and a cocktail of chemicals designed to fight illnesses and parasitic infestations, you may find them a less appetising prospect. Because of the huge number of farmed fish that escape in Europe, even wild caught Atlantic fish stand a good chance of being farmed. Also, we are about to be inundated with genetically modified Atlantic fish.

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