Beans on Toast

No, really I'm serious.

We all do this from time to time. Quick, simple, yummy but, with just a little more effort and you can add a lot of zing to your beans on toast.

My number one tip is to add a sprinkling of hot chilli powder to the beans as you heat them in a saucepan. It really does make a difference! If you don't like it that hot, try a sprinkling of Herbs du Provence instead.

My next suggestion is to chop an onion and put it in the saucepan with a little oil. Fry until it starts to go brown and then pour in the tin of beans and heat them. (Yeah, you could fry the onion in a frying pan if you are some kind of anally retentive kitchen perfectionist but I'm trying to minimise the washing up too!)

You can add all kinds of things. Go on experiment! Try a little curry powder or even sultanas with ground nutmeg.

Keep this up and one day, you will have to rediscover the joys of just beans on toast with nothing else added!

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