Salmon fried in Red wine with Herbs

This is not the way that most folks would think to cook a whole Salmon. Normally frying is what you do to a lump of cod and not worthy of the king of fish.

However, the following recipe really helps to bring out the subtle flavours of the fish.

You will need:

Whole Salmon. (See my comments on the choice of fish on my baked salmon recipe page.)

Herbs du Provence

Red Wine

Salt and Pepper.


A beer.

And, this is what you do!

Open the beer.

Clean the salmon and slice it in two so that you have a left hand side and a right hand side. With salmon, many people slice across the fish to make "steaks" but I prefer this cut.

Trim the fins and place the fish in a pan with a little oil and a glass of red wine and fry gently turning occasionally and adding a sprinkling of herbs and pepper and a little salt. Fry until the fish is cooked all the way through and has gone a uniform light, opaque pink and takes on a flaky texture.

It depends on the thickness of the sides of the fish but this seems to take about twenty minutes when I do it.

Finish the beer and that's it.

To Serve

Well, if I am alone, I just eat the whole fish and finish the bottle of red wine but, if you have company, try it with a green salad sprinled with a few walnuts and extra bottles of wine as required.

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