Mercedes A class y2K model year.

Well, it didn't actually fall over. But....

The A class is currently available as a Sixt internet special and we took one to make a family round trip to Frankfurt to drop some friends off at the airport. All in, a little under 600kms would be the order of the day.

The cars USP is its amazing use of the available space. Shorter than a Ford Ka, it has room enough for five full sized adults.

My first impression was of the funky A-Class themed keyfob. Are the men from Stuttgart geting trendy now that the have taken over Chrysler?

The details.
Interior Deceptively spacious
Handling Poor on the open road.
Performance, economy & Ride comfort Almost adequate performance, barely sipped fuel and the worst ride that money can buy!
Wrapping it all up
Conclusion Would I buy one?
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Land How to travel about on the ground