Affiliate programs on the jpoc site

After considerable thought, I have decided to join a very limited number of affiliate programmes. I guess that you know the kind of thing that I mean. You read my review, click a link, buy a book and I get the price of a beer. I take a relaxing break with the beer and another book, I write another review, you buy this book as well and the cycle starts again.

Can you still trust me? Will I confine my reviews to plugs for best sellers? Well, my intentions are clear to me. I will continue to review the books that I happen to read, the movies that I happen to see and so on. If I feel that a movie is worth one out of ten and a big lemon, I'll still say so. If you want to buy it anyway then go ahead, it must be fair that I can get a beer out of it if you use my link. After all, I will have had to sit through it.

One thing that I will be clear about, the affialiate deals that I will enter into will be ones like those described above. I will not get involved in schemes where I write that I have found a great deal for you on long distance phone rates and you should click this link. You know what I mean, it looks like a recommendation from me but in reality, when you click the link, I get a commission. I will not do that. On this site, adverts will always look like adverts and editorial will never be bought.

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