The jpoc website guide.

Welcome to my web site guide.

Well, this part of the website, is about the website. Hmmm, does that mean that this section is in fact a meta-homepage?

Well, if you have ever wondered why the site is the way that it is, or why it exists at all, or even how do I do it then this is the place to visit.

I'm going to split things into sections initially I intend to cover policy, technical issues and content issues.

Of course, as with the rest of the site, this will be a continuously growing section.

Here I write about the rules of the site.
Affiliate programs The site policy for participation in affiliate programs
Advertising Advertising on this website
Originality and Copyright Website policy statement
What goes on this site? How do I create the material here?
Schedule When do I post the different articles?
Book Reviews How do I set about writing the reviews on the site?
About my road tests What goes into a jpoc road test?
Here you can read about some of the stages in the development of the site.
Why start on Tripod? Read about why I started the site on the Tripod free hosting service
Moving Moving the website from a free host to a paid for host
Technical issues
How is the site prepared? I will answer that question here.
Home My home page